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Selected Articles:

Wallpaper, January 2014

Spirited Comeback (link)
Wallpaper* January, 2014


Canadians John Greyson and Tarek Loubani imprisoned in Egypt
Haaretz 2013-08-22. (link)

Bradford Synagogue Saved by Local Muslims
Haaretz 2013-05-21. (link)

Art Spiegelman profile
Haaretz 2013-05-03 (PDF)

Miko Peled profile "the General's Son"
Haaretz 2013-04-08. (link)

Palestinian support for Idle No More
Haaretz 2013-01-29. (link)

Gerry Judah profile
Haaretz 2012-08-24 (PDF)

Arab Theatre in London
Haaretz 2012-07-27 (PDF)

For Jerusalem's Palestinians, Israeli ID policies cast a long shadow
Haaretz 2012-05-02 (link)

Times Square: The centre of the universe (pdf)
The Vancouver Sun July 6, 2013

The former home of late architect Arthur Erickson faces an uncertain future (link)
Wallpaper* March, 2013

Best Lab; Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC (PDF)
Wallpaper*  February, 2013

Natural Wonder: Canadian Architect Daniel Evan White
Wallpaper*  December 2011 

Soweto Football Academy
Wallpaper*  November 2011 

Library as Cathedral: Bing Thom Architects create a new landmark (link)
Metropolismag.com   December 2011

Nostalgia mixes with joy as Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas in Canada
(link) (PDF)
Iraqi Christian refugees, who can trace their roots back to Babylon, adjusting to life in a Vancouver suburb.
Globe and Mail   December 2010

A short trailer promoting the May 2010 issue of New Internationalist.

New Internationalist Magazine

Iraq, 7 years later - the legacy of invasion (link)
A special issue written and photographed by Hadani Ditmars
New Internationalist  May, 2010

Islam in power (link)
Hadani Ditmars calls for a return to Islam's spirit of democracy and pluralism.
New Internationalist  October, 2009

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Culture from chaos: where next for Iraqi art? (
guardian.co.uk  March 2010

Remembering Arthur Erickson's architectural triumphs (
guardian.co.uk  July 2, 2009

Peace Offerings (
New Internationalist  May, 2009

Persian Melodies (
Walrus Magazine  Jan/Feb 2009

The Architecture of Vancouverism (
guardian.co.uk  June 27, 2008

Click to download PDF article

A Culture in Exile Baghdad's Artistic Exodus (link | 400kb PDF)
Walrus Magazine  March, 2008

Mandarin language environmental education (
The Globe and Mail  January 19, 2008

Story on Irish eco-cottage (
Shared Vision Magazine  January 30, 2007

Iraq's theater of the absurd (
San Francisco Chronicle  April 30, 2006

The Lively Arts Scene in Ramallah (
independent.co.uk  July 25, 2004

Palestinian Women Film-Makers (
Ms. Magazine  Winter 2004

Interview with Denis Halliday in Salon (
salon.com  March 20, 2002

Life in a women's centre in Gaza (
Ms. Magazine  October / November 2001

Click to download PDF article

Life and Death in Iraq (7.7MB PDF)
Ms. Magazine  June / July 2001

Carry on Baghdad (
Wallpaper Magazine 2000

Persian pop diva Googosh in NY Times (
The New York Times  August 9, 2000

Midnight's Refugees - the 7-11 clerk (
The Vancouver Sun  September 4, 1999

Learning the Past to Save the Future - Bilingual Education in Guatemala (
The National Post   February 1, 1999

Is the Veil Old Hat? Underneath their black chadors, Tehrani women are flaunting fashion (
1.2MB PDF)
Vogue USA, September 1997

Click to download PDF article

Nomad's Land - Roma Refugees in Canada (680kb PDF
The Georgia Straight  June 5, 1997

Iraqis' Suffering Widens as U.N. Sanctions Drag On (
The New York Times  December 14, 1997

From the top of the hill: Mohsen Makhmalbaf interview about Gabbeh (1.8MB PDF)
BFI Sight and Sound Magazine  December, 1996

Merzak Allouache's film Salut Cousin!
1.3MB PDF)
BFI Sight and Sound Magazine  January, 1996

The meaning of the word Jihad (
1.3MB PDF)
Vancouver Sun  December 14, 1996

Ballad of the New Somali Cafe  (
3.4MB PDF)
The Independent  September 29, 1994

At the Crossroad: The Carthage Film Festival  (1.6MB PDF)
Screen International

More from BFI Sight and Sound Magazine

In 1994 I lived in Jerusalem and wrote for the first post Oslo accord joint Palestinian/Israeli monthly "The New Middle East" - a very different era.

A Moment but No Miracle for Jericho

El-Hakawati Theatre

Queensway - London's Middle Eastern enclave

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